View Full Version : Biomch-L profile and Summer Holiday Support

H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
05-23-1992, 06:31 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

(1) Biomch-L "Send=" profile

Following the receipt of a few more replies to my recent query regarding a
possible Biomch-L profile change, Krystyna, Ton and I feel that there does not
seem to be a strong interest in constraining the lists's "Send= Public" option
into "Send= Editor" with "Editor= some@one.dom,(Biomch-L)". Thus, we intend
to leave things as they are for the time being. If the number of inappropriate
postings from non-subscribers should increase, we will reconsider this deci-
sion. An anonimised collation of all notes received on this issue can be
retrieved (PRV, i.e., subscribers only) with the one-line command



I should like to urge all of you, though, to use appropriate "Subject:" lines
when posting something to the list, to facilitate your fellow-subscribers to
scan their Index of all incoming email at any time.

(2) Biomch-L management during summer 1992

During June 1992, all three of us shall be travelling: I expect to be unavail-
able as of 1 June, Ton will be away as of 7 June, and Krystyna will be away as
of about 15 June. This will leave the list unattended as of mid June, so I'd
like to call upon the readership for help during the second half of June and
(part of) July. This would especially involve management of failing subscriber
addresses. Who amoung you would be in a position to help?

Typically, an `active list owner' will receive notification of all list muta-
tions (sign-on / sign-off), and receive all error messages for addresses
at which Biomch-L postings cannot be delivered for some reason. These might
be: account terminated (eind of Term), disk quote reached ("Mailbox full"),
change of explicitly named gateway in email address, system out of reach.
In such cases, the listowner should set the relevant subscriber to NOMAIL
and, time & interest permitting, try to ask the relevant postmaster to help
and solve the problem. Also, new subscribers can sometimes not be reached
by the LISTSERVer, why they can reach the LISTSERVer without problems.

To minimize such problems, this is an urgent request to *all subscribers*
to make sure that their email address can be properly reached during the
upcoming holiday period. Do not rely on any "I'm away on holiday" message
generator, but, *please*, issue a


be away for a longer period, with a chance of reachability problems. Upon
return, the shoud issue a SET BIOMCH-L MAIL command, and you can retrieve
any missed postings with the SEND BIOMCH-L LOG92mm command, with mm=01...12.
If your account will be terminated shortly, please issue a SIGNOFF BIOMCH-L
command; the SET (NO)MAIL and SIGNOFF commands should, of course, be issued
from your subscription address.

Have a nice holiday, and thanks for your help,

Krystyna Gielo Perczak, Ton van den Bogert, Herman J. Woltring