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Joshua (rovick) Rolock
07-20-1998, 05:10 AM
A position is available in the Prosthetics Research Laboratory
of Northwestern University for a Biomechanist with experience in
finite element modeling. The laboratory is engaged in research
and development in the field of limb prosthetics and orthotics;
in applying engineering principles to the understanding of that
field; and in the creative use of technology in product
development for the field.

An opening is available for the primary engineer on a currently
funded project to develop a computerized technique for the
design of sockets for prosthetic limbs. This project follows
from previous work using finite element models to describe the
three-dimensional mechanical interaction between a prostheses
and the tissues of the residual limb. The previous work
utilized MARC Analysis Corp. finite element code operating on a
Sun Workstation UNIX platform.

The successful applicant should have experience with
three-dimensional, nonlinear, mechanical finite element
analysis; a knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy; a background
in biomechanics; and the ability to work creatively and
independently. Knowledge of and experience with various medical
imaging techniques and computer visualization are considered a
plus. In the past this position has been filled at the Masters
level, however, all degree levels will be considered.

Interested applicants should reply to:

Joshua Rolock, Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Prosthetics Research Laboratory
Room 1441
345 E. Superior St.
Chicago IL 60611-4496



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