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Andrew Jong Hyun Woo
07-20-1998, 09:12 PM
To all Biomechanists and thosewith knowledge,

My name is Andrew Woo. I am a Masters student at the University of
Auckland in New Zealand. I am planning to study two martial arts kicks.
However, I have not been able to locate any research regarding the types
of kicks I am interested in.
The kicks are
1 Back crescent kick (name may be different for different martial arts)
This is the kick where you lead with the heel ( or the flat of the
foot) and make contact with the heel in the horizontal plane. It is in a
way opposite to the roundhouse kick with the same kicking leg.

2 The spinning kick or the wheel kick.
This is probably a more familiar kick where you spin first and strike
with the heel of the foot in the horizontal plane. It is an adaptation
to the above kick (you add a spin to it).

I am interested in information relating to the technique assessment of
these two kicks. I am p[lanning on using a 3 dimensional analysis of
when to initiate the "kick" portion of the whole kick sequence.
If anyone has any information regarding these two kicks, especially with
respect to 3D or any previous research conducted, it will be greatly

Thank You

Andrew Woo

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