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07-20-1998, 11:01 PM
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17-19 March 1999, Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE

"Towards a Gesture-based Communication
in Human-Computer Interaction"

GW is an interdisciplinary event for those researching
gesture-based communication and who want to meet
and exchange ideas across disciplines.

GW '99 will be held in France, at Gif-sur-Yvette,
near PARIS, from 17 to 19 march 1999


Dr Annelies Braffort, Dr Francoise Forest, Dr Rachid Gherbi,
Dr Sylvie Gibet, Dr James Richardson
LIMSI-CNRS and Paris-Sud University
Orsay (France)


Gesture Workshop '99
F-91403 ORSAY cedex

E-mail: gw99@limsi.fr


Gesture Workshop is a forum for the exchange of ideas and
research currently in progress across disciplines. Under
the focus of human-computer communication, the workshop
will encompass all aspects of gestural communication, including:

- Gestures in human-machine communication:
* Recognition and interpretation of gestures
* Analysis and generation of gestures
* Representation of gestures, from perceptual level to semantic
* Sign language applications
- Human gestures:
* Gesture interaction
* Gesture recording and modeling
* Gesture perception
* Applicability of gesture-based interaction to interfaces and
- Gestures in multimodality:
* Co-verbal gestures
* Fusion of gestures and other modalities: Architecture,
level of fusion, representation...
* Temporal relations between gestures, speech and other modalities
* Applications


September 12, 1998: Full paper submissions
November 13, 1998: Notification to authors (paper)
December 11, 1998: Poster and Demo submissions
January 15, 1999: Notification to authors (poster and demo)


The registrations fees will be no more than those indicated in the table
below; they could possibly be reduced depending on the level of sponsors's
participation. More information will be given in September.

| Early (until Jan. 15, 99) | Normal (after Jan. 15, 99)
Student | FF 1000 | FF 1200
Academics | FF 1800 | FF 2200
Other | FF 3000 | FF 3600

The fees include lunch, coffee/tea/biscuits, and dinner on the days of
the workshop, and the proceedings.
Payment: Details will be given in the registration forms.


Single and double rooms with private shower and toilet will be available
in limited number at the "Centre de formation" of Gif-sur-Yvette, on the
campus. The rooms are available for a charge (estimated prices at this
moment) of FF 215 (single) or FF 340 (double) per night including simple
continental breakfast. They will be reserved on a first come, first served
Furthermore there are some hotels in Gif-sur-Yvette.
More details will be given in the registration form.


This workshop will be run in the lines of the Gesture Workshop '97,
at the University of Bielefeld, held by Pr.Dr. Ipke Wachsmuth and
Martin Fröhlich in September 1997.

You are invited to present your work (at whatever stage) in the form
of a paper, a poster or a demonstration and to attend to the workshop.
We will have non-overlapping sessions structured by subtopics and will
allow plenty of time for discussion.

- Submission details

We would like to stress that we are interested in submissions of work
that is currently in progress, regardless of the stage of the work.
Also, we would like to stress that this workshop is intended as an
interdisciplinary event. In writing, please use language that is
understood across disciplines.

Submissions can be in the form of papers, up to 12 pages. They can also
be in the form of posters or demonstrations, described in 2 pages. The
workshop language is English.

Please, send five copies of your submission by ordinary mail at:

Gesture Workshop '99
BP 133
F - 91 403 Orsay cedex

- Authors' instructions

Printing area: 122 mm x 193 mm

Title: Helvetica 14 pt, bold, centered
Names of the authors: Times 10 pt, centered
Address(es): Times 9 pt, centered

Abstract (between 70 and 150 words): Times 9 pt, justified, single
Keywords (up to 5 keywords): Times 9 pt

1st-level heading: Helvetica 14 pt, bold, aligned to the left
2st-level heading: Helvetica 12 pt, bold, aligned to the left
3st-level heading: Helvetica 10 pt, bold, aligned to the left
4st-level heading: Helvetica 10 pt, bold, italic, aligned to the left

Main text: Times 10 pt, justified, single spacing

Figure: Centered, numered
Legend: Times 9 pt, centered
Footnote: Times 9 pt
Citations in the text: Use square brackets and consecutive numbers:
[1], [2], [3]...
References at the end of the paper: Times 9 pt, justified

- Publication

Proceedings of the work presented at the workshop will be published
after the workshop. They will be made available to both those
attending the workshop and others.

- Attending the workshop

If you are interested in attending the workshop, fill in the
Attendance Intention Form at the end of this call. You will
receive the registration forms in September 1998 by ordinary


I am interested in attending or presenting work at the 3rd
Gesture Workshop in March 17th to 19th 1999 at Gif-sur-Yvette

Please check:

- I intend to participate in the workshop.

- I would like to present work.

Please give a short statement about your relation to the
workshop theme:

Please fill in:

- Title:

- First names:

- Family name:

- Organisation:

- Institute:

- Street/PO box:

- Country:

- Postal code:

- City:

- E-mail:

Feel free to make any comments concerning the workshop:

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