View Full Version : High jump reaction forces values

Josep Solaz Sanahuja
07-21-1998, 08:02 PM
Trying to determine vertical reacion forces in high jump using Fosbury
Flop style we have found 2 articles that show very different values or
In one hand, "Biomechanical features of two styles of high jumping"
(Dessureault and Lafortune, 1981) shows a maximum value of 4 BW in
impact phase.
In the other hand, Ossi Aura and Jukka T. Viitasalo (1998) in "An
effective flop-style high jump take-off: a comparative study of two
jumpers" they show a result of app. 10 BW in impact phase.
If anybody has worked in similar matters , could tell me wich is the
right one or if these differences can be due to different ways of

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