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Green Park Healthcare Trust
07-22-1998, 02:34 AM
It is now just eight weeks to the 7th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children to be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland from September 24th until 26th (just after President Clinton's visit!). You have now missed the deadline for the early bird registration discount.

Invited speakers are McNeill Alexander, "Predicting the enregy cost of gait", Scott Delp, "Computer modelling of movement abnormalities", and Dianne Russell on functional assessment and the GMFM. John Paul will be delivering a "Back-to-Basics" lecture reminding us of some of the simple mistakes we all make in biomechanics.

A full scientific programme, further details and registration forms are now available on the ESMAC web-site (http://www.dundee.ac.uk/orthopaedics/dlfc/esmac/esamc.htm).

Over the preceding three days we will also be hosting a Gait Analysis Course (Gage, Koop, Novachek, Stout, Davis and Ounpuu) and two Gross Motor Function Training Workshops (Mary Lane). These are filling up but there are still places left. If using the registration forms from the web-site please make it clear for which events you are registering.

Please contact me by e-mail for further details.


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