View Full Version : movement of the spine during human walking

Simone Monreal
07-22-1998, 11:08 PM
Dear Biomechlers,

I'm working on human gait with special focus on the movements of the spine.
Not so much on the torques because the 3D-video-method we apply can't deal
very well with small angles occuring around one axis (here vertical). What
I'm especially looking for is literature on movements in the frontal- and
sagittal plane. Unfortunately for me most papers on human gait kinematics
are about the lower extremities. Till now I have only found some articles
from Stokes et al.(1989), Thorstensson et al.(1984) and some from van
Emmerik and Wagenaar.

So I would be very grateful for any hints as where to search for literature
about spine and trunk movements during walking.
Thanks in advance to everyone who will respond, all replies will be sent to
the list,

Simone Monreal.

Simone Monreal
Institut fuer Humanbiologie
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Fabeckstr. 15
14195 Berlin


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