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07-23-1998, 01:09 PM

My name is Bill Turner. I am a 10 year veteran of a manufacturer of Materials
Testing and Force Measurement Equipment. I am well versed in the operation of
several software applications involving a competitors equipment. I have used
a research grade software provided by the manufacturer to solve a number of
applications. I would suggest that you try to obtain the software from the
manufacturer, and thus limit the effort of "re-inventing" the control codes
that have already been created in their "off the shelf" software. Of course,
cost then becomes an issue. The list of commands (or protocol) used to "talk"
to the machine are most probably copy protected as to prevent wayward
technicians (such as myself) from copying for resale.

If on the otherhand you would like to consider purchasing another line of
equipment to achieve your test results, I have several refurbished systems on

I buy, sell, trade, install and repair Materials Testing Equipment.

I am still learning the instron line of equipment. Several of my current
customers have their equipment but there is only one (1011 model) where I
know the calibration routine.
If you would like, in exchange for information, we could trade calibration
(and other information) for the annual calibration of your system! Your

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