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Patrick E Patterson
07-24-1998, 12:03 AM
36th Annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering
Symposium April 16-18,
1999 Copper Mountain, Colorado

The 36th RMBS meeting, co-sponsored by IEEE EMBS, will be held on April
16-18,1999. The RMBS meeting has been held annually since 1964. Initially held
at sites in and around the Rocky Mountain area, the conference has grown to
become an international symposium with meeting sites throughout the entire
midwest. Contributions and attendees come from all parts of the United States,
Canada and the world. Full papers are published in a nationally distributed
Proceedings through the Instrument Society of America (ISA), and will be
available at the meeting.

Conference Chair:

Dr. P.E. “Pat” Patterson
Dept. of IMSE
205 Engineering Annex
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Phone: 515-294-8661 e-mail:ppatters@iastate.edu

Abstract Deadline November 1, 1998
Notification of acceptance December 1, 1998
Manuscript Receipt Deadline January 31, 1999

Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via our web form which you may
access at our website: http://www.rmbs.org. Additional information about the
conference may also be found at the site.

Suggested Topic Areas For Papers and Posters:

Aerospace Medicine Hemodynamics
Bioinstrumentation Human Factors
Biomaterials Imaging Systems
Biomechanics Instrumentation/Wildlife
Biomedical Ethics Management.
Bioengineering Education, Lasers in Medicine
Biomedical Instrumentation Medical Robotics
Biophysics & Biochemistry Medical Devices
Biological Sensors Modeling/Physiological
Biological Signal Systems
Acquisition & Processing Neural Networks
Biotechnology Neurobiology
Cardiovascular Mechanics Orthopaedic Biomechanics
Clinical Engineering Pharmacological Systems
Computers in Medicine Radiology & Nuclear
Dental Materials Medicine
Ergonomics Rehabilitation and
Gait Analysis Prostheses
Genetic Engineering Tissue Engineering
Health Care Delivery Toxicity
Systems Trauma and Impact
Ultrasound Instrumentation Wound Healing

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