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07-24-1998, 12:50 AM
University PhD Studentship EPSRC/Industrie supported

Development of an alternative synthetic material for use as a bone graft extender.

The revision of joint replacement surgery requires the use of human bone graft to replace lost bone stock in the patient. Synthetic materials are sought after because of the increasing demand exceeding supply, the highly variable properties of bone graft and the risk of infections involved.

Research work:
Experimental work will focus on optimisation of alternative materials in terms of packing and mechanical stability under physiological loading. The project will involve mechanical testing of materials and microscopy combined with image analysis.

This is a collaborative project using facilities in both the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Bath University and the orthopaedic expertise at Bristol University combined with industrial support.

Entry requirements:
University degree in Materials Science or Mechanical Engineering. Good knowledge of English language. Specific knowledge on (bio-)ceramics or composites helpful. Position available with the start of academic year 98/99 or later.

General Info:
The University of Bath is a modern University ranking in the top ten of UKs Universities. The full-time research study will take 3 years and finishes with a thesis leading to the academic degree of a PhD (Dr.) in Materials Science.

For more information on the project and further details please contact:

Dr. I.G. Turner
Dept. Materials Science & Engineering I.G.Turner@bath.ac.uk
University of Bath +44 1225 826 826 ext. 6163

A.W. Miles
Dept. Mechanical Engineering A.W.Miles@bath.ac.uk
University of Bath +44 1225 826 826 ext. 6383

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