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Dr. Axel Knicker
07-28-1998, 07:08 PM
Hello in biomch-l Land!

In order to determine electrical activation parameters from dynamic
contractions I wanted to utilise FFT procedures. As I learned from
literature studies this is not the appropriate way as the signal of the
EMG is not stationary. The procedure of choice is supposed to be the so
called Choi-Williams algorithm. Who of you can give me some more details
on that topic and the Choi-Williams in particular. Where can I find the
algotrithm and background information about the conditions it can be
applied to. What exactly does the Choi-Williams do with my signals. In
how far is it different to FFT?
Take your time to reply. All of them will be posted as usual, but it
will take a while as I will not be in the office in August.
Thanks in advance to all who will respond.


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