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Anthony J. Petrella
07-30-1998, 10:22 AM

I'm seeking some descriptive statistics regarding the annual frequency and
total cost of TKA in the United States and the world at large. I'm
interested in both the number and cost of primary TKA's each year as well
as the incidence and added cost of revision surgeries. I have the
following references (among others that are similar):

1. Harris, W.H. and Sledge, C.B., "Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement,"
New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 323, pp. 801-807, 1990.
2. Dennis, D.A., "Patellofemoral Complications in Total Knee
Arthroplasty," The American Journal of Knee Surgery, Vol. 5, pp. 156-166,
3. Castro, F.P.J., et al., "An Analysis of Food and Drug Administration
Medical Device Reports Relating to Total Joint Components," The Journal of
Arthroplasty, Vol. 12, pp. 765-771, 1997.

But these sources are either several years old, or they reference
information that is several years old - I'm hoping to find more current

Any information or suggested reading will be greatly appreciated. Of
course, I will also be happy to post a summary in a week or so.

Thanks very much.

Kind Regards,

Anthony J. Petrella
University of Pittsburgh

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