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Ultracure Ltd
07-30-1998, 05:31 PM

We work on research dealing with hairs.
For this research we need to know some mechanical properties of human hair.
I'll be very thankful if You can help me and give next properties:

Strength properties:
Young modulus?
Shear modulus?
Poisson coefficient?
Ultimate stress for tension and for shear?
Force we need to apply inb order to remove hair?

Other question how hair conducts ultrsonic wave? If does it disturb to wave
propogation or
oppositely conducts ultrasonic wave.

I Will be happy to get any information about these subjects.

my e-mail:
subject: for Dima

Ultra Cure Ltd, Technion-Nesher Science Park
P.O.Box 212, Nesher 36601, Israel
tel: 4 830 8352 fax: 4 821 0531

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