View Full Version : Fatigue testing artificial intervertebral disc.

Mark Eijkelkamp
07-30-1998, 09:55 PM
Could someone please tell me which loads are needed to test an
artificial intervertebral disc.

I'm looking for the loads on the intervertebral disc during normal
activities. By example walking and sitting.
For the rotation movements (flexion, extension etc), not the moment on
the disc, but the rotations of the intervertebral disc are important for
the fatigue testing of the disc. The moment on the disc will depend on
the rotation stiffness of the artificial disc

Also some suggestions for the number of load steps will be very useful.

Thank you in advance.

I'll post a summary of the answers.

Mark Eijkelkamp
Ph.D. student

e-mail: M.F.Eijkelkamp@med.rug.nl

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