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H.f. Machiel Van Der Loos
08-03-1998, 03:08 AM
I C O R R '99

July 1-2, 1999
Stanford University, Stanford, California, U.S.A.

Manuscript submission deadline: February 1, 1999

Hosted by:
Design Division, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Rehabilitation R&D Center, Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System

Sponsored at Stanford by:
Center for Design Research,
Center for the Study of Language and Information,
Stanford Learning Lab,
C.S. Robotics Lab,
M.E. Biomechanical Engineering Division,
Dept. of Functional Restoration

With generous support from:
Spinal Cord Research Foundation of the Paralyzed Veterans of America
__________________________________________________ ____________________________
The biannual International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR)
will be held July 1-2, 1999, at Stanford University, California. The
ICORR'99 theme is "Communication and Learning," to bring into sharp focus
the importance of placing robots in the most enabling contexts society
offers to everyone. Robots and mechatronic devices have the most potential
for people with disabilities in schools, clinics, homes, and at work.
ICORR'99 is geared to stimulate communication between clinical and
engineering professionals, to share progress in ongoing research,
development, evaluation, and product commercialization.

Format: The 2-day, one-track conference will include a keynote speech by
Prof. George Bekey of the University of Southern California, 20
presentations and 20 posters. The two extended lunch-time breaks will be
devoted to the posters and live robot demonstrations. On June 30, the day
prior to the conference, we will arrange tours of local R&D labs in
robotics and rehabilitation, taking full advantage of the richness that
Silicon Valley offers. An only-in-California dining experience will be
offered on the evening of the first conference day.

Sessions: In keeping with past ICORRs, session topics will include:
Communication and Learning Applications in SCI and CP, Interface and
Internet-Based Designs, Program Overviews, Hardware and Control, Evaluation
Methods and Clinical Experience.

The timing of ICORR'99 will allow participants to travel directly from
RESNA'99, held in Long Beach, a one-hour plane trip away. The long
Independence Day weekend after ICORR'99 will make the San Francisco Bay
Area an attractive place to relax after the conference.

Through a generous grant from the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, ICORR'99
is pleased to be able to offer travel/registration/lodging fellowships for
14 authors of accepted papers/posters/hardware demos, including defraying
shipping costs. Contact the organizers or web page for eligibility

Please visit the ICORR'99 web site -- http://www.rehabrobotics.org -- for
more information regarding the conference. If you are considering
attending, please email the organizers (info@rehabrobotics.org) and fill
out the web site's survey on how the conference can assist you personally,
beyond the conference venue. For example, we can help you link up with
people, departments, companies, universities or organizations in Silicon
Valley during your stay.

With the theme of "Communication and Learning," our goal is to provide
participants with the best perspective on harnessing the next century's
high technology explosion for rehabilitation applications in the clinic,
the workplace and the home. Join us in California for ICORR'99.
Conference Chair: Machiel Van der Loos, Ph.D., Rehabilitation R&D Center,
VA Palo Alto Health Care System, 3801 Miranda Ave. #153, Palo Alto, CA
94304, U.S.A. +1-650-493-5000 #65971. vdl@roses.stanford.edu

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