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Norman Murphy, Ph.d.
08-05-1998, 02:07 AM
Hi Nathan,

McGill does have a good program in biomedical engineering.

I have also posted (c.c.) this message to the biomechanics mailing list.
You will get more information from the members of this list than that I can
provide you with.

Hope this helps, and that you will find the school that fulfill your needs
and requirements.

Keep me posted with your situation.

Say hi to dad ...

Bye for now,


Norman Murphy, Ph.D.
Research Co-ordinator
Biomechanics of Hockey Research Laboratory
NIKE, Inc. / University of Ottawa Agreement

Coordonnateur de la recherche
Laboratoire de recherche en biomécanique du hockey
Accord NIKE inc. / Université d'Ottawa

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From: Nathan Trudell
To: nmurphy@mtil.qc.ca
Date: Sunday, August 02, 1998 11:02 PM
Subject: College's

> HI, I'm Nathan Trudell, Tom Trudell son, he gave me your email
>address because I had some questions to ask you. Right now I'm in
>college for a computer science degree. Once I complete that I will be
>going for a masters in biomedical engineering. I had thought of McGill,
>or RPI in albany. The question that I had for you was; do you know any
>of these schools well, or could you name some other good ones that I
>should look at? My focus would be (well right now at least) joints and
>mucsle. If you have any Idea about any university that is a good one
>that specializes in one of these areas could you email me back so that I
>can get some catologs. I'm trying to focus my other courses so that they
>will line up smoothly with what some university's would want. Thanks
> Nathan Trudell
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