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Emily Keshner
08-07-1998, 03:07 AM
Control Mechanisms for Postural Behaviors

satellite meeting to the Society for Neuroscience, November 6-7, 1998
in Los Angeles, CA.

The objective of this interdisciplinary meeting is to promote
discussion about current research methods and results in the field of
postural control. Invited speakers (Allum, Berthoz, Bouisset,
Frank, Horak, Keshner, Kuo, Maki, Massion, Mergner, Oddsson, Peterson,
Riccio) will present substantive issues that are a compilation
of results from various laboratories.

Discussion groups (led by Jeka, Peterka, and Shupert)
and a Poster Session will permit all participants to share relevant
data from their laboratories.

The goal is that a consensus about the definition of postural control,
the relevance of current research results, and a direction for future
research in postural control will emerge.

Deadline for Poster Abstract Submission is September 1, 1998. The full
program, Abstract Guidelines, Registration, and Lodging Forms are
available on our web page: http://sulu.smpp.nwu.edu:80/~keshner/

Funds are set aside to support the attendance of racial/ethnic minority
scientists, and persons with disabilities. Please indicate your needs
on the registration form.

For more information about the conference program, registration, and
poster submission please see the web page. If you are unable to access
this page, contact:

Sensory Motor Peformance Program

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

345 East Superior Street

Chicago, IL 60611

Voice: 312-908-3381

Fax: 312-908-2208

email: eak@nwu.edu

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Emily A. Keshner, EdD, PT 312-908-2228 (voice)

Senior Clinical Research Scientist 312-908-2208 (fax)

Sensory Motor Performance Program

Research Associate Professor eak@nwu.edu (email)

Department of Physical Medicine

and Rehabilitation

E809 - Room 1406

345 East Superior Street

Chicago IL 60611-3015


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