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B.a. Conway
08-11-1998, 12:19 AM
An EPSRC funded postdoctoral position is currently available for up to 18
months at The Bioengineering Unit of University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,

A bioengineer or mechanical engineer is required for a project that aims to
develop a wheelchair motion platform to be used to provide navigation
through virtual environments. The intention is to provide a facility that
will allow wheelchair access within the built environment to be examined
via simulations of new and existing buildings. The project represents a
collaboration between The Bioengineering Unit and The Department of
Architecture and Building Science at The University of Strathclyde and will
utilise the newly commissioned virtual reality room of The University. This
facility is based around a Silicon Graphics ONXY Reality Station.

Any interested parties should contact either Bernie Conway
(b.a.conway@strath.ac.uk) or Malcolm Granat (m.h.granat@strath.ac.uk) of
The Bioengineering Unit for further details.

Tel: (44) 0141 548 3316
Fax: (44) 0141 552 6098

Bioengineering Unit
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow G4 0NW
United Kingdom

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