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08-13-1998, 03:25 AM
Someone was recently asking about the history of studies of human

I tried to reply to him alone but my message bounced for reasons which
I do not understand. I think it is an interesting question in
biomechanics so I am doing a general postin/.

As he was from France I thought he should be especially aware of the
work of E. J. Marey in the last century. Marey, with many ingenious
devices, recorded principally on kymographs movements of people, horses
and birds.

There was eventually a Marey Institute in the Bois de Boulogne in the
West of Paris. I paid a visit there in about 1952 when it was headed by
Professor Fessard.

At that time Marey¹s apparatus was in the institute. I believe it may
now be in the Musee d¹Arts et Métiere. As far as I am aware this is
closed for renovation until next year.

I am told that the site is (alas !) now a car park.

I have one of Marey¹s works, it is an English translation. I believe his
rather extensive publications (in French) had wide circulation.

Marey was I think born in Blois on the Loire, and there may be a statue
of him in the town square.

He was one of the great scientists of the 19 th century

Geoffrey Walsh

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