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08-13-1998, 05:10 AM
The recent note from Geoff Walsh brought to mind a book I have on
my shelf. Like Geoff, I can't remember who was asking, but the
topic (locomotion) is of common interest to this group, so for
the record, anyone interested in the history of locomotion
studies might want to see if they can get their hands on a
copy of ...

Amar, J. The Human Motor.

This book was originally published in France, in 1914
It was translated in 1920. It contains almost 60 pages
in two chapters devoted to "locomotion". The book
includes many citations to material of the early
nineteenth century, and at least one in the
eighteenth century.

The "original" translation was published in London by
George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., and in New York by
E. P. Dutton and Co. This translation was reprinted by
William C. Brown as part of their "Health, Physical
Education and Recreation Reprint Library". Roger K.
Burke (of "Rasch and Burke" fame) was the consulting
editor. The reprinted edition contains a library stamp
showing that the reprint was made from a copy of the
book taken from the "International Y.M.C.A. College,
Springfield, MA." (Springfield College?)

Hope this helps.

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