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unknown user
06-03-1992, 02:09 AM
To all on the Biomechanics Listserver:

I am a Physical Education student interested in studying
energy saving mechanisms in human locomotion. I recently
read an article in National Geographic (May 1991) titled
Bhutan - Kingdom in the Clouds by Bruce W. Bunting, where
he describes a form of meditation called lunggom, literally
"walking on air" - which allows practitioners to bound across the
landscape with great strides.

I am looking for information on this intriguing topic. Has
anyone seen this performed, or know of any film or video
records showing such feats? Does anyone know of descriptions of
lunggom in the literature?

Thanks for your assistance.

Douglas A.K. MacDonald
Biology Department
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Canada B2G 1C0