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Larry Wellman
08-14-1998, 01:35 AM
Well over tens years ago I did a limited study on bone length ratios for
quadrupeds. I broke the groups down by the following terms:
saltatorial, cursorsial, and saltatorial-cursorsial. Most of the data
I collected came from a couple of books and some published articles. It was
not a complete study. I did this when I was racing sled dogs. I eventually
used the information to buy a race horse. The horse did get to the
track and did win before I retired him.

Lessons learned:
The horse that I selected was a one speed type of horse. I selected
based on a top speed parameter of limb bones ratios.

All the performance numbers I used for relating the bone ratios were
without a rider ( wo/10 percent extra weight).

I believe I selected too much for top speed and not for power (acceleration)
which is critcial for short races (under 80 sec). The distal limb
bones (pastern) too long relative to proximal end.

Some of the results were published in Equus Magazine in the summer of
1983 or 1984.

I would be interested in any studies that related performance
and variation of the oxygen consumption curves because
of limb bone ratios.

Larry Wellman

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