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Liduin Meershoek
08-14-1998, 06:11 AM
Dear collegues,

I want to do GRF measurements of jumping horses using a force plate. For
several reasons I want to cover the force plate with sand. Does anybody
know if this influences my measurements? I understand that the GRF on sand
will be different from the GRF on other surfaces. However I wonder whether
the GRF measurements are still accurate: do they represent the force
between sand and hoof, or does the sand influence these measurements?
Furthermore, will this be any different when I cover the force plate with a
rubber mat.

Liduin Meershoek
Liduin Meershoek, MSc
Department of Functional Morphology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht University
P.O. box 80.157 email: l.s.meershoek@pobox.accu.uu.nl
3508 TD Utrecht phone: (+31 30) 2534324
the Netherlands

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