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Edwin Demont
06-04-1992, 12:22 AM
In response to Paul Prusakowski's question:

If there is a high percentage of elastin in the
ligament, I would expect temperature dependent
mechanical properties, so you should be concerned.
about temperature .Also, and possibly more important, the
material will probably show frequency dependent
mechanical properties, so you should measure the
mechanical properties at the physiological rates
of deformation - not easy to do sometimes.

If you want to know more about function mechanical
properties of biomaterials, a good place to start

Mechanical Design in Organisms, S.A. Wainwright,
W.D. Biggs, J.D. Curry and J.M. Gosline. Princeton
University Press. (1982).

M. Edwin DeMont
Biology Department
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, N.S.