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#ang Lian Ann#
08-18-1998, 01:37 PM

I am a graduate student of the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore),
I am
> working on a project to study the effects of traction forces on the
> cervical spine.
I have performed traction tests on cadaveric specimens at various loads and
A lateral radiograph was taken at each configuration.

The problem here is to measure the anterior and posterior intervertebral
separation radiographs accurately. I thought digitising the x-ray film would
be a good idea since I could calculate the distances using the pixels
location and I know the actual distance between two points on the
radiograph. However, there is loss of information in the scanning process
and some of the dark regions are indistinguishable from the background.

If you have any solution to my problem, I would appreciate to hear more from


Ang Lian Ann

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
School of Mechnical and Porduction Engineering
Office : N2-1c-117
Tel (O) : +65 7996398
E-mail p7222295d@ntu.edu.sg

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