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Dmitry Elman
08-18-1998, 09:33 PM

About a month I'm looking for mechanical properties of human hair.
I have sent message to biomechnics news line and got
responce from Dr.ir. Paul A.J. Ackermans, where he gratefully helped me
and sent me a name of the book:
Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair.
But the values of elastic and shear modulus mentioned in the book
are not realistic:
E=3.89*10^10 dyn/sm^2
G=0.89*10^10 dyn/sm^2
( check in Appendix)
If You calculate Poisson ratio from the above mentioned value,
You will obtain mu=E/(2*G)-1=1.18, when its value should be less
than one ( I think It should be closed to those of plastic wires -
about 0.2-0.4 ).

So please, if you have any information about strength properties of
human hair: Elastic and Shear modulus or/and POisson ratio,
send me e-mail.

Dima Elman.
Deprt. of Biomedical Engineering. Technion. Israel.
e-mail: elman@technunix.technion.ac.il
uc@actcom.co.il, subject: for Dima

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