View Full Version : menisci influence on knee kinematics.

08-20-1998, 07:04 PM
Hello everybody,
I am currently looking for information about modification of knee
kinematics after
total or partial menisectomy.
Literature, personnal experience and so on would be very appreciated.
I am currently simulating menisectomy on a 3D Finite element model of the knee,
and I would like to compare my results with published data.
I thank you all in advance, and I would be please to send a resume of
your answers to this list.

Benvenuti Jean-Francois
Laboratoire de Genie Medical
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne Switzerland.
tel: ++41 21 693 83 38
fax: ++41 21 693 83 30

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