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Mathieson, Ian
08-23-1998, 07:18 PM
I am currently involved in a piece of research investigating several
foot-type parameters. One of the parameters I am interested in is the
'Arch Index' described by Cavanagh & Rodgers (1987 - Journal of
Biomechanics 20 (5) 547-551). The manual calculation of this parameter
is tedious, and I am wondering if anyone knows of any free software
available on the web (or from any other source) which will let me
calculate this index automatically from a scanned footprint.

The calculation of the index involves the division of the toeless
footprint into thirds, and the expression of the area of the middle
third as a percentage of the whole.

I would be grateful for any advice or suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Ian Mathieson
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
Wales, UK

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