Amber Alpaugh
08-25-1998, 04:37 AM
Hi everyone,

As promised, I am finally posting the responses to my request for
population joint strength data. Sorry for the delay; I was trying to
locate the specific article written by Williams and Stutzman (listed
below) but failed to do so. The original request and suggested
articles/books follow.

Original request:

I am looking for static joint moment strength data to compare with
calculated values from a static biomechanical model used to assess
industrial tasks.

I need gender- and relative joint angle- specific maximum flexor and
extensor moment values for the elbow, shoulder, lumbar, hip, knee and
ankle joints. Either age-specifc or data representing the 20-65 yr old
working population would be appreciated.

Suggested articles/books:

1. Inman, V.T., Ralston, H.J. and Todd, F. (1981) Human Walking.

2. An article by Williams and Stutzman - Variation in strength through
joint range of motion in Physical Therapy about 1954 - Unfortunately, I
was unable to locate this article with this limited information so don't
have a complete reference.

3. Knapik, J.J., Wright, J.E., Mawdsley, R.H. and Braum, J. (1983)
Isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic torque variations in four muscle
groups throught a range of joint motion. The Journal of American
Physical Therapy Association, 63, 9338-947.

4. Gabriel, D.A., Basford, J. and An, K.N. (1997) Effects of the
reversal of antagonists upon isometric elbow extension strength and
endurance. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 78,

Thanks to all those who responded, Amber.

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