View Full Version : To compute muscle length for Spasm grade?

Hyunkyoon Lim
08-25-1998, 10:57 AM
Hello everyone,

I am looking for methods to compute muscle lengthes in lower limbs,
especially upper leg. It will be used to give grades to spastic
hemiplegic limbs after pendulum test. Actually I found a geometrical
medel of the main lower limb muscles proposed by Frigo and Pedotti to
estimate the legnth and lengthening velocity of each muscle to be
estimated from acquired data in a paper. But sorry to say there was no
additional enough explanation to understand for the method how to get
the data from patient. there must be some regression equation using
anthropometirc data or so.

I will be grateful if anybody can send me information to
limbear@chollian.net . It is urgent.

Thank you
Huynkyoon Lim

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