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Richard Baker
08-26-1998, 08:50 PM
The 1998 ESMAC Conference starts in Belfast four weeks today. You can find out what you'll miss if you don't come by viewing the web site (http://www.dundee.ac.uk/orthopaedics/esmac/conf98.htm). Registrations available by downloading or contact me by e-mail for further information.

There are still a few places left on the Gait Course (Gage, Davis, Ounpuu, Koop, Novachek, Stout). It is now less than four weeks away!

The period during which hotels are reserving accommodation for delegates has expired. They will however continue to accept bookings but cannot guarantee them. Try the Tourist Office (+44 1232 246609) if you experience difficulties.

The present CGA "Case of the Week" is one which will be presented for discussion at the Conference. You can see it at http://guardian.curtin.edu.au/cga/archives/13-08-98/index.html. A further case will be published in the near future.

Look forward to seeing you all.


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