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Roberto Fajardo
08-27-1998, 11:52 PM
A colleague and I (both Ph.D students) are trying to embed some
trabecular bone samples. This is our first time attempting such a process.
We are having some initial difficulty with the
material (methylmethacrylate - Technonit 9100 kit) on our practice
samples. The instructions call for infiltration at 4 degrees C after
vacuuming. This was done but failed to produce any hardening of the
material. At least, we were expecting a hardened block to form around the
specimen -- it did not. Proportions of the ingredients were added as
prescribed by the instructions -- 97% mma, 2% plasticizer, 1% catalyst.

I have two questions to begin with:

1. Is it necessary to let the bone sit overnight at 4 degrees C? Or does
the hardening take place at room temperatures?

2. What, if any, adverse effects can vacuuming the mixture have on the
hardening process?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


Roberto Fajardo and Tim Ryan

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