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Jim Luk
08-29-1998, 03:36 PM
Dear Biomech-L readers,

I am a MPhil student. I am now going to compute a pascal program for stride
length calculation in running or gait analysis. The purpose of this program
was to reduce the time consuming during motion analysis data processing.
Based on calculating the stride length, the instant of stride touch down
(film number) must obtained first. However, it was found that the instant of
heel touch down or toe takeoff were difficult to calculate throught programming.

I know that some gait analysis system synchronized with video capture and
force platform, so the heel touch down and toe take off were easy to obtain.
Some commercial motion analysis softwares were need to enter the instant
(film number) of touch down or take off by human observation when
calculating of stride length without force platform.

Now the problem is how to find out the instant of heel touch down or toe
take off with only providing the raw data of the heel/toe x,y-coordination.
The local minimum point of the heel/toe y-coordination is not a good way to
obtain the touch down or take off instant, since sport shoes or running
shoes contains cushions. The minimum point of heel/toe may not represnet the
touch down or take off instant respectively. Is there any suggestions about
how to determinate the instant of heel touch down or toe take off
systemically rather than by human observation ? Any idea or suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards,


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