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Hsiang-simon Mong
08-30-1998, 07:09 PM

We are seeking candidates for a "POTENTIAL" biomedical engineering
research assistant position at the Liberty Mutual Research Center for
Safety and Health in Hopkinton, MA. We are interested in a candidate
with a minimum B.S. or M.S. in electrical, mechanical or biomedical
engineering (or equivalent) to serve as a research assistant in a
laboratory studying ergonomics, biomechanics, electromyography and other
areas related to workplace health and safety. The candidate must be
proficient in MATLAB (or equivalent). The work involves analysis skills
in digital signal processing and some knowledge of analog/digital
hardware. A list of other skills that could be utilized include:
optimal control, system identification (modeling), non-linear dynamics,
random (stochastic) signals, probability, time series analysis and power
spectrum analysis. The candidate is expected to conduct experiments,
collect physiologic data and analyze these data as directed by senior
researchers. The Liberty Mutual Research Center resides on an 86 acre
campus and is located 26 miles from Boston.

Please contact/forward resumes to:
Ted Clancy
Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health
71 Frankland Road
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Tel. (508) 435-9061 x206
E-mail: msmail5.clancye@tsod.lmig.com

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