View Full Version : Availability of Strasser,Lehrbuch der Muskel- und Gelenkmechanik , 1917

Timothy Ferris
09-06-1998, 11:38 AM
I have recently been reading: Werner Muller, The Knee Form, Function and
Ligament Reconstruction, in order to find out about knee joint geometry. I am
interested in measuring various dimensions within the joint of live subjects
using simple X-ray imaging techniques.

Muller cites Strasser's book as the classic work on the geometry of the knee
joint. As cited the work is in German, and very old, 1917.

The book is H. Strasser, Lehrbuch der Muskel- und Gelenkmechanik, Springer,
Berlin, 1917.

I have searched the catalogues of the following libraries for H Strasser,
hoping to find either the original or an English translation:
University of South Australia
University of Adelaide
Flinders University
Northern Territory University
State Library of South Australia
National Library of of Australia
None have the work.

I am interested in knowing if an English translation was ever published, I
would prefer it in English.
I am interested if anyone knows the location of a copy of either an English
translation, or the original in German.

Tim Ferris

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