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Stefan Kornecki
09-07-1998, 02:38 AM
September 18-19, 1998
Organised by
Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw
Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg
Polish Society of Biomechanics


Friday, September 18, Morning

Stefan Kornecki - Chairman of IBS'98

Chairman: Marek Dietrich

0900 Walter Herzog: Muscle synergies during voluntary movement.
(Calgary, Canada)
1000 Coffee break
1030 Mohsen Makhsous, Gunnar Palmerud, Klas Ericson
and Christian Högfors:
Influence of tonus, elastic stress and submaximality in static
contraction of shoulder muscles.
(Göteborg, Sweden)
1100 Bernard Landjerit, Joel Loizeau* and Paul Allard*: Hip joint forces
optimized evaluation: natural and pathologic gait comparison.
(Villeneuve d'Ascq, France; *Montreal, Canada)
1130 Adam Siemienski and Stefan Kornecki: Energy optimal motor unit
recruitment patterns and force sharing between synergetic muscles.
(Wroclaw, Poland)
1200 Stefan Kornecki, Alicja Janura and Anna Piotrowska:
Stabilizing functions of muscles
and their electromyographic shares.
(Wroclaw, Poland)

1300 Lunch

Friday, September 18, Afternoon

Chairman: Christian Högfors

1430 Herbert Hatze: Hyposensitivity of skeletal motions to neural
control perturbations - a challenging concept
in neuromuscular control.
(Vienna, Austria)
1530 Coffee break
1600 Leonard A. Rozendaal: Stability and disturbance behaviour
in large-scale neuromusculoskeletal models.
(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
1630 Hans Ponnet, Arthur Spaepen, Veerle Hermans and Marc Wouters:
Validation of a mathematical model for the simulation of
electromyographic signals during
submaximal and sustained contractions.
(Leuven, Belgium)
1700 Liduin S. Meershoek and Henk C. Schamhardt: A non-invasive method
to determine in vivo forces of equine digital tendons.
(Utrecht, the Netherlands)
1730 Monika Chalupova, Jaroslava Otahalova and Stanislav Otahal:
Trunk konturography and muscle spasmus evaluation as an instrument
of the muscle dysbalance identification.
(Prague, Czech Republic)
1800 Danuta Roman-Liu, Krzysztof Kedzior and Cezary Rzymkowski:
Optimization of upper limb location in static conditions.
(Warsaw, Poland)

1900 Dinner

Saturday, September 19, Morning

Chairman: Bernard Landjerit

0900 Necip Berme, Elena Oggero and Guido Pagnacco: Frequency of movement
perturbation in standing posture.
(Columbus, USA)
1000 Coffee break
1030 Nisim Benjuya and I. Melzer: Dual-task assessment of postural
control in the elderly.
(Beersheva, Israel)
1100 Michal Kuczynski: Task-related changes in biomechanical properties
of ankle joints during standing.
(Wroclaw, Poland)
1130 Susannah L. Grilli and B. Serpil Acar: Comparison of distributed
and collective loading on the stability of the spine.
(Loughborough, United Kingdom)
1200 D.Xiao*, B.S.Acar, K.Case, J.M.Porter: Stability of the spine
modelled as an arch.
(London*, Loughborough, United Kingdom)

1300 Lunch

Saturday, September 19, Afternoon

Chairman: Tadeusz Bober

1430 Roger M. Enoka and Douglass H. Laidlaw: Neural mechanisms
underlying the decline in steadiness with age.
(Boulder, USA)
1530 Coffee break
1600 Neil E. Fowler: A comparison of the kinetic and kinematic
characteristics of plyometric drop-jump and pendulum exercises.
(Manchester, United Kingdom)
1630 Alicja Rutkowska-Kucharska, Agnieszka Szpala and Tadeusz Bober:
Coordination of elbow flexion and extension muscles
in slow and fast cyclic movement.
(Wroclaw, Poland)
1700 Andre Rodacki and Neil Fowler: The muscular co-ordination during
the eccentric-concentric cycle in pendulum swing rebound jumps.
(Manchester, United Kingdom)
1730 Inese Pontaga and Juris Saulgozis: The effect of muscles action
on human tibia stiffness.
(Riga, Latvia)

1800 Sum-up discussion and closing of the Seminar

1900 Sightseeing of Wroclaw

2030 Banquet at "The Polish Manor"

Format of presentations.
The duration of regular presentations, i.e. not keynote lectures, is 20
minutes plus 10 minutes discussion period. Three types of media will be
available: overheads, 35 mm slides and 'MS Powerpoint' direct
VHS (SVHS) video can also be used.

Stefan Kornecki, Chairman of IBS'98

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