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09-07-1998, 01:42 PM
Dear Mr.luk
I am very appreciate your summary, because I am interested in calculation
of stride length. There are many very good reply which I am studying now.
Our chinese kungfu(bagua)training gait include foot training. While walking
around a center with kungfu gait,we always try to do these.
1. Lift whole foot,toe and heel take off at the same time.
2. Put whole foot on the ground, heel and toe touch down at the same time
3. Lift left foot and put down right foot nearly at the same time alternately
4. Do not push off, but lift foot.
5. Try to do these with whole body relaxation.
6. Kungfu spine shape shape.(Http://www.nease.net/~baguamen/newpage1.htm)
when someone begins to practice according to these, this is a kind of
crucifixion. Year after year, he generally can do these with whole body
relaxation.then he will surprise that his natural gait stride length is
than before. His gait cadence is slower than
before.(Http://www.nease.net/~baguamen/newpage2.htm)How about oxygen
consumption at these condition? Will oxygen consumption test interfere his
training gait?
if I was a professional biomechanist in th future, I would analyse these.
Although I feel a bit hastiness, I am hoping for some advice. Perhaps your
advice is helpful to other professional biomechanist here who are also
interested in chinese kungfu. I will give a summary. I will be very glad to
use Mr.Luk's software in the future.
Thank you in advance

Wang Chengzhi
graduate student of MSc.
Computer science department
Tianjin University
The People's Republic of China

Homepage Http://www.nease.net/~baguamen

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