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Abhilash Pandya
09-08-1998, 01:12 AM
Position Announcement

Position: Lockheed Martin at NASA Johnson Space Center is searching for
a full-time PhD ( or Masters level ) Bioengineer/Biomechanist/Mechanical to
assist in the biomechanical modeling of space suited and unsuited astronauts
at NASA's Graphics Research and Analysis Facility ( GRAF ) in the Human
Interface Department.

Location: Houston Texas. Thirty minutes south of downtown and 30 minutes north
of Galveston.

Employment Date: Oct. 15th 1998.

Responsibilities: Research and development of accurate human models in terms
of their kinematics, strength and fatigue. Using the graphics environment and
programming tools to research dynamics of human motion to ascertain required
torques and forces for particular motions. Research will focus on
micro-gravity motion that will involve both the unsuited and the space suited
astronaut. Accurate space suit kinematics will be developed. Responsible for
the collection of strength and fatigue data collection on space suited

Equipment: The GRAF is equipped with a Flock of Birds Motion tracking system,
Cybergloves, VR helmets, and several Silicon Graphics Workstations. You will
also have access to Biomechnics related equipment ( motion capture system &
dynamometers etc. )

Qualifications: Required: (1) Masters' Degree or PhD in Bioengineering,
Biomechanics, Mechanical Engineer, Computer Graphics (2) Extensive C/C++
programming experience (graphics programming (gl or opengl a plus) (3)
Experience in dynamics simulation (4) Interest/experience in human
biomechanical modeling. (5) Proven proposal/grant writing skills (6) Permanent
Resident/US Citizen

Application: Screening of applications will begin immediately and will
continue until a suitable candidate is hired. Send a letter of application,
a resume, and the names and addresses of three references to:

Edmond Khouri/C44
2400 NASA Road 1
Houston, Tx. 77058

email: edmond.khouri@spmail.jsc.nasa.gov (email is preferred).
fax: (281) 483-1847
phone: (281) 483-3616

Abhilash Pandya /C44 (281)483-3728 pandya@graf6.jsc.nasa.gov.
2400 NASA RD. 1 * Houston, Tx. * 77058-3799
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