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09-08-1998, 02:57 AM
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies (CREST)
University of Newcastle

Post of Research Physiotherapist

The Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies (CREST),
at the University of Newcastle, is an interdisciplinary research
group concerned with the application of technology to
rehabilitation with a particular interest in neurological
disability. The Centre currently has a vacancy for a
Research Physiotherapist to take part in a programme
of research to develop multimedia systems for the support
of programmes of upper limb rehabilitation of patients
with neurological disability. The research will involve
the use of state of the art movement measurement techniques
to study the performance of a range of upper limb tasks in
order to build a multimedia database of typical movement
patterns. The work, which is funded by the European Union,
will be carried out in collaboration with clinical centres
in Germany and Italy.
The successful candidate will have experience in neurological
rehabilitation and in research methodology. There will be the
opportunity to study for a higher degree. The post is for a
period of two years on the Research Associate Scale
stlg15735 - stlg17570 according to qualifications and experience.

For further information contact: Professor Garth R Johnson,
Technical Director, Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering
Studies (CREST), University of Newcastle,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU.
(tel: 0191-222-6196, fax 0191-222-8600,
email g.r.johnson@ncl.ac.uk).
Applications must be received before 30 September 1998.
(Professor) Garth R Johnson
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies
Stephenson Building
University of Newcastle

Tel: +44-191-222-6196
Fax: +44-191-222-8600
email: g.r.johnson@newcastle.ac.uk
www: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/~ncrest/

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