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09-09-1998, 01:58 AM
Fellow biomech-l folks:

A colleague wants to measure foot switch or ankle goniometric data during
walking. She is looking for onset of fatigue, and is looking for 'foot drop'
- either as a change in ankle angle (if using goniometry) or as a change in
the timing between initial contact and foot flat (if using foot switches).
She does NOT want to use a treadmill - thus, the system needs to be untethered
(either telemetered or collect for a time, then download data). She needs to
be able to collect for at least 30 minutes before downloading, but at a fairly
low sampling rate (tens or hundreds of samples per second, not thousands).

And, of course, the budget for this project is very limited. So, my question
for the group:

1) Do you know of (or own) a system that can do this?
2) Who makes it? If it is home made, would you share the plans/schematics?
3) If you represent the company, would you lend or lease this equipment for a
short period of time?

Replies will be summarized and posted. Thanks in advance.


Marcus P. Besser, PhD []
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