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Francisco Sepulveda
09-11-1998, 12:49 AM
Dear Biomech-l participants,

A student of mine needs to come up with a dynamometer for
estimating knee extension/flexion forces and moments. The device
she is to use is illustrated in the Word file attached below.
The problem is: she has to make the dynamometer herself, but
she needs some information as to how many strain-gauges are
needed, and where to place them.

Does any of you have any experience on this?
(by the way, the student is an electrical engineer).

A couple of articles by Hull (J. Biomech., 1981) didn't
help much (there were not enough details on the dynamometer).

Many thanks in advance!!

Francisco Sepulveda,Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering Dept.

E-mail: francisco@mad.scientist.com

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