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Terry Horn
09-17-1998, 03:37 AM
Hello BIOMCH-L readers,

I have a question for individuals working in the area of video motion
capture. Does anyone know of a way to generate a synchronized frame
counter display which can be overlaid on a standard video signal? That
is, if I acquire data using my computer-driven movement analysis system,
while simultaneously videotaping the trial using a VHS camcorder, I want
to be able to play back the videotape and see a frame counter display
(actually, "sample counter display" would be more accurate) superimposed
over the image of my subject, so that "frame number 273" on the
videotape corresponds to "sample number 273" acquired by the motion
capture system.

I hope this makes sense. I had this setup in a previous job, using a
box (model no. 2902) made by ESE, a company in El Segundo, CA,
interfacing with a MicroVAX-driven Vicon VX motion capture system.
However, we could never make the system work once when we upgraded to
the PC-driven Vicon370 system. Now I am using an entirely different
package (Motion Analysis Corp. EVa Hi-RES). All suggestions welcomed!

Thanks in advance,

Terry S. Horn, Ph.D
Director, Motion Analysis & Human Performance Laboratory
Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center
1350 East Woodrow Wilson
Jackson, MS 39216
(off) 601-364-3328
(lab) 601-364-3409

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