View Full Version : URGENT: avoid large messages, please

H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
06-08-1992, 03:05 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Just after posting today's NIH RFA on Bone Hormone research, I received an
urgent request from one of our subscribers who is in the unfortunate situ-
ation of having to pay even for unsollicited, received email. His/her insti-
tution is not very rich, and (s)he may have to abandon being a member of
Biomch-L if too many large postings are distributed.

In principle, there is a way to avoid these problems. A subscriber may set
him/herself to NOMAIl, and do a database search at regular intervals using
standard facilties for that purpose (send an INFO ? to LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET
or to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL for further details on available HELP files).
However, these are cumbersome and delaying activities in comparison to auto-
matically receiving postings directly.

Many of us don't have to pay anything for the use of our facilities. This is
to ask all of you (and I'll confine myself more than in the past!) to keep the
length of posted messages to a reasonable amount of not more than a few kB at
most. In this way, we'll be able to remain in touch with those among us who
are not yet as fortunate.

If you have a larger item that you wish to make available to the readership,
feel free to announce it on Biomch-L, with an invitation that interested
parties may obtain it directly from you. Alternatively, the Biomch-L file-
server is at your disposal -- just contact any of the Biomch-L moderators;
their names and email addresses are available via the REVIEW BIOMCH-L

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation,
Sincerely -- Herman J. Woltring.