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Helm, Frans Van Der
09-20-1998, 09:03 PM
Dear all,

I am very much in favor of standardization of joint rotations. During my
PhD there were virtually no other studies I could compare my data with
since all were using different and sometimes ill-defined co-ordinate
systems. I would encourage the ISB and some major journals to enforce a
standard, such that anybody who wants to publish data is required to use
these standards. Subsequently, anybody is free to use his/her own
preferences in order to make his own point. The main advantage is that
people will develop an intuition about normal/abnormal motion, and will
be able to compare data with their own.
The ISB is moving very slowly in this issue. Therefore, to stir some
things up, I would like to announce that a proposed standardization
protocol for shoulder motions is available at the following web-site:


The protocol has been published before in the proceedings of the First
Conference of the International Shoulder Group. The protocol deviates on
minor points with the protocol I wrote together with Jesus Dapena for
the ISB some four (!) years ago, i.e. the orientation of the Global XYZ
axes. The protocol offers the opportunity to exchange data between all
kind of studies using different motion recording devices and also
studies about cadavers, etc, AS LONG AS THE SAME BONY LANDMARKS ARE

Since standardization comes by the numbers (the Microsoft Strategy), I
also offer software written in Matlab to process data using a
Flock-of-Bird system, based on receivers at a stylus, the thorax,
scapula-locator, and humerus. Free without guarantee. The software can
(easily?) be adapted to any other motion recording device. Please,
contact me in order to obtain the files.

With kind regards,

Frans van der Helm

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