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06-11-1992, 04:48 AM
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1992 10:40:19 EST
From: Donald Parsons MD
Subject: Integrated European Community medical informatics projects
Sender: Hospital Computer Network Discussion Group and Data Base

HEALTH CARE: Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) 1992

I obtained a free copy from Niels Rossing, Commission of the
European Communities, DG XIII/F-6, AIM Central Office, Rue de
la Loi 200, B-1049 BRUSSELS .

AIM is the platform for establishing and integrating
conceptual models, developing workstations, a common medical
terminology, coding, and testing of decision support systems.

The mission of AIM is:
o To promote effective collaboration of all Health care
o To develop tools, techniques and practices that support a
common European approach to Health Care informatics and
o To promote their acceptance in the community and by the

42 R&D projects were completed by 1990. A network of over
3000 European health professionals was completed (including
industry and service providers). CEN TC251 controls a directory
of medical informatics (MI) standards. [For the AIM-II phase,]
37 grants were awarded for projects in MI in the following areas:

Telemedicine, Computer Assisted decision making, image
analysis and communications, structure of a common medical
record, integration of telematics between centers, and quality
assessment. There are summaries of the following projects:

BEAM - biomedical technology assessment and management
CAMARC II - computer aided movement analysis in rehabilitation
COVIRA - computer vision in radiology
DIABCARD - communication in diabetes using chip cards
DILEMMA - Logic engineering in general practice, oncology and
shared care
EMDIS - Marrow donor information system
EPIC - European prototype for integrated care
ESPIS - EEG signal processing and interpretation during sleep
ESTEEM - tool to evaluate electromyelograph methods
EurpIPACS - European integrated hospital PACS system
FEST - framewqork for European services in medicine
GALEN - generalized architecture for languages encyclopedias and
medical nomenclature
GAMES II - generalized architecture for knowledge-based systems
GEHR - good European health record
HELIOS II - Hospital object software tools
IDMR - intelligent decision mapping record
IMPACT - integrated microscopy for pathology
IREP - integrated rehabilitation program
ISAAC - integrated system architecture in advanced primary care
KAVAS 2 - Knowledge acquisition, visualization and assessment
MAGNOBRAIN - Biomagnetic methodology for non-invasive invgn of
the human brain
MARGOT - medical archive generation with object-orientated
MEMPHIS - measurement and modeling of health care systems
MENELAS - access to medical records using natural language
MILORD - multimedia interaction with large object-orientated
radiology and clinical databases
NUCLEUS - customized environment for multimedia integrated
patient dossiers
OEDIPE - open European data interchange and processing for
OPADE - optimization of drug prescriptions
OPENLABS - optimization of clinical lab services
ORATEL - Oral health telematic system
PROCAS - care profiles system
QUICHE - quality assurance of informatics for child health
SAMMIE - software for multimodal images and education
SEISMED - secure environment for medical information systems
SHINE - strategic health informatics networks in Europe
TANIT - Telematics for anaesthesia anf intensive therapy
TELEGASTRO - quality assessment through relevant knowledge