View Full Version : Finding Biomechanical Software

Andrew Schefe
09-21-1998, 03:00 PM
My name is Andrew Schefe, I am a Psychologist/Research Assistant. I have
been given the task of tracking down a good biomechanical software
package. I am after a package that can display a 3d image of a body part
giving tensions on tendons etc. when this body part is performing
certain tasks. For example when a hand is grasping an object with a
force of 10 Newtons I want to be able to observe the tension on a
specific tendon between the thumb and index finger. Does such software
or similar 3d software exist? Could you please advise me of a package
that can achieve this task or similar software that is available. The
software needs to run on a pc with a Windows 95/NT/98 operating system
however information about software for any system will be appreciated.


Andrew Schefe

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