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Zbigniew Waskiewicz
09-22-1998, 08:37 PM
Dear biomch-l netters,
may be my question is very simple but we need your help. Our
department plans to buy a 3-D motion analysis system which would not
be too expensive. It should range in about 4000-7000 USD and should
be easy to operate but precise and reliable. Please inform me if it
possible to buy something interesting for this amount of money (may
be you know the address of the dealer in eastern Europe).
Thank you in advance.

Best regards

dr Waśkiewicz Zbigniew
Department of Motor Control
Academy of Physical Education
40-065 Katowice
72 A Mikołowska Street
e-mail: waskie@oin.awf.katowice.edu.pl
tel. 0048 32 514 066
fax 0048 32 514 600

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