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unknown user
09-25-1998, 01:04 AM
I am not sure how pertinent this question is to be posted here, but there may
be other recent graduates in Exercise Science and Biomechanics who are in my
situation. I am finding it quite dificult to find work in biomechanics, given
that the main body of research is conducted in academic environments. I have
not been succesful at finding much in private industry, especially in the area
of sports biomechanics,,, F.E.: How can the USOC offer a position for a
Masters Graduate in biomechanics and offer only 16K for a year, with no
benefits or housing?
If there are any recent graduates out there, what have you been doing and what
kind of job have you gotten. I will say that there is a bit more work in
Engineering side of it.

I hope I havent annoyed anyone with this post...I have done my homework,
searched the internet, etc., but not much there (in my experience).

Thank you for yor attention
Jack Sujovolsky

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