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06-11-1992, 03:46 PM
Article 2269 in comp.robotics:
From: dgaw@ADS.COM (David Gaw)
Subject: wanted: code for manipulator kinematics/dynamics
Sender: usenet@ads.com (USENET News)
Organization: Advanced Decision Systems, Mtn. View, CA (415) 960-7300
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1992 22:48:43 GMT

Does anyone have a tool (e.g., Mathematica code) for modeling kinematics and
dynamics (in terms of force or acceleration) for a multi-link actuator? What
I would like is something which allows me to define actuator geometry, masses,
etc. and which will produce inverses for motion control purposes (ideally in
terms of joint torques). This is a simple actuator (3-DOF), mostly in 2D so
the package does not have to be that powerful. Any pointers helpful.