View Full Version : interstride interval/continuous data

Lisa Protsman (twu)
09-25-1998, 02:28 AM
does anyone hve any ideas on how to tackle the following dillema? I need to be
able to gather 5 t0 10 minutes of continuous data on interstride interval. I
could use a heel strike switch or an electrogoniometer to mark heel strike but
i need to be able to get continuous data preferrable untethered. Our telimetry
systems is not working so that is not my best option but it might become
operational in time. Is there some
devise out there that I can use possibly a battery pack that could hold this
amount of data? I can make my own heel switch and/or goniometer but I need a
recording devise. I will be happy to summarise the responses.
Lisa Protsman
Motor Learning/Control Doctoral Student TWU

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